Special Education Training Course – 7 Lessons

Our Special Education training course contains in depth lessons on transporting students who ride special needs buses. From evacuating a special education bus, to intervening with students and dealing with behavioral issues, the lessons contained in this course are rich in content and provide drivers with additional tools. Each lesson listed below contains an online safety training video, a corresponding test to the video and a course completion certificate once the course has been successfully completed. Below are the lessons contained in the course. You can click on title(s) to get more information about a specific lesson.

Safety Techniques for Special Needs Bus Drivers

Transporting Students with Emotional Disabilities 

Special Needs Bus Driving: What You Need to Know 

How to Safely Evacuate a Special Needs Bus

Intervention Strategies for Special Ed. Bus Drivers

Advanced Techniques for Special Needs Bus Drivers 

Special Ed. Monitors: Roles and Responsibilities