What are the steps for registering into online courses?

Registration for drivers is a very easy process. It will take a minute or two to fill out your basic information and enter the registration code provided to you by your supervisor. You would then receive an email with a link that you would use to create your personal password. There are only 5 fields to fill in. Here is what the registration form looks like…..(also look below the picture to get troubleshooting techniques)

There are typically 2 issues when registering:

1) The user trying to register enters an incorrect email address. If the email address you entered is not correct you will not get the confirmation email required to complete the registration.

2) The user is not following on screen instructions when creating their usernames and passwords.

  • A username is fairly basic and should not have special characters such as…$,#,!,&. 
  • The initial setup of a password should have a minimum of 12 characters AND must contain a special character. (!,#,$,%,&)