Whats it all about? Check out this short video…

With 4 courses available, you can sign up for individual courses or get ALL school bus training courses.

Hazard Awareness
17 Lessons Available

Special Education
7 Lessons Available

Behavioral Training
12 Lessons Available

Behind the Wheel
15 Lessons Available

Group Leaders

Each district or organization will have a group leader that can oversee the progress of videos watched, tests that have been completed, as well as generated test results that can be downloaded instantaneously to a spreadsheet. This gives school bus transportation supervisors and/or training staff a clear indication of driver progress. You can watch this brief tutorial so you can see the power, control and flexibility that group leaders have with this new online training course.


With our online safety training course, every driver within an organization will have their own login and course information details. They will be able to monitor their own progress while navigating through a course or specific lessons. On their profile page, they will be able to see their test scores, change their passwords and more!

Convenience & Course Completion Certificates

One of the great parts about video communications online training is the convenience. Group leaders can have drivers watch a video from a P.C., Laptop, or even a smartphone! This makes it so training can be taken anywhere. Tests can be administered from virtually anywhere. In addition, once a course is completed, drivers will receive a course completion certificate!